Senior Production Week #3

After getting some great feedback from the team last week, I went back and tweaked and polished up the idle, walk, and jog animations.  And I’m pretty happy with how they turned out:




I changed up the idle quite a bit. My first version of the animation had Sprout kinda hunched over, breathing heavily. This definitely didn’t fit right with the walk and run, but more importantly, it didn’t fit Sprout as a character.  Maggie and Steven have been doing some great work on the narrative side of things with the narrative bible.  It’s super helpful to me as an animator, because I can base each character’s motion on an established personality.

In addition to revisiting the idle, walk, and jog, I was able to get working on the jump and gliding animations. In games, a jump is typically broken up into separate segments, and in-engine these are strung together with code. This way, jump height and fall height, on the Y-axis, can be be affected by player input.

Here are the jump animations, from jump start, to in-air loop up, to in air loop down, and then jump land.





And here are the gliding animations, from gliding start, to gliding in-air loop, and gliding land.




I still need to create a gliding end, which is the transition from gliding loop to jumping in-air loop. This occurs when the player stops gliding, but is still in-air. I’m looking forward to implementing this stuff into engine, which we’re planing to start doing soon!


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