Senior Production Week #4

I worked on a pretty random assortment of animations this week ranging from jumps, to glides, to ledge hanging. Another big part of this week was actually implementing animations in engine, which was super exciting. I went through and exported out the joint motion of all the individual animations, as well as exporting Christie’s new Sprout model with the rig. After getting those exported, I tossed them right into unity.

Actually getting them working was a whole other thing, but we’re getting close. Laura and Jake did some great work setting up the animations in a pretty sprawling state machine, and from there it was just tweaking the animation timing and transitions. This is something we still need to spend a lot of time tweaking, but I’m really glad we’re at this stage.

In terms of animations, most of these are holdover from last week’s jump and glide focus. So we’ve got our first pass at the double jump (spin?), the gliding updraft (when Sprout catches a gust of wind), and the in-air gliding end. I’m looking forward to giving these a second pass, but for now they should work pretty well.




I also got to the ledge related animations, including the ledge hang, and the “pull up”. We wanted the pull up to be real snappy as opposed to a more tedious climb. Getting these working in engine is going to be an interesting process, but I’m psyched to get more animations in-game!



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