Senior Production Week #8

It’s good to have the team back together after MassDigi!  And I’m super impressed by the connections the team was able to make while over there. Plus, Micropup & Keeper now has a bit more of an internet presence after Maggie has set up, and is maintaining, a twitter (micropup’s twitter).

Animation wise, this week was all about Bonsai. I’m looking forward to giving him even more character during the polish weeks. In that time, I definitely want to add several more idles that’ll infuse more personality into the character. More specifically, I’m looking to create some animations that connect to the dialogue “spoken” by the character.

Steven and Laura were able to set up a cool dynamic dialogue system in which the content of the sentence is given an emotional tone. And with that, the character’s voice plays to match that (in animal crossing-style critter noises). So with that already implemented, I’m planning on making idles that fit certain moods, which can be tied to the corresponding dialogue.

For now, I have the appear, idle, and disappear animations:




I also got to rigging the queen bee herself, Titania. My goal this week was also to get started on the character’s animations, but  unfortunately that didn’t end up happening.


So next week I’ll actually get to animate Titania. And also I’ll be rigging and animating the mosquito characters.

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