Senior Production Week #10

Team-wise these last two weeks have been kinda off, with Spring break having happened last week, and GDC having happened this week. While some teams only had a member or two heading off to San Francisco for the conference, our team was cut in half.

So essentially we haven’t had a full team meeting in over 2 weeks. We’ll finally be having the whole team together on Monday, and we’re going to really need to come to terms with that will and what won’t be able to make it into the game with the time we have left.

Animation wise, I had a lot of fun this week rigging and animating Bramble the goldfinch. She arrives to the garden once the player’s grown some sunflowers. Rigging Bramble was pretty straightforward, and animating this character was a blast!


Birds are super twitchy, and I wanted to get that across with Bramble, but I also toned that down a bit for the sake of readability.  Here we have the first pass of her basic idle and talk animations:



I’m looking forward to polishing these up, and eventually making a few more idles. Next week I’ll be rigging and animating Alder, a red-spotted newt that arrives to the garden shortly after Bramble!

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