Senior Production Week #5

A big part of this week was tweaking and modifying a few of the animations from the last few weeks, so they work a bit better in engine. But I also worked on a few new animations too.

Swimming is now a thing! Instead of just being booted back to a respawn point if you fall in the pond; Sprout will be able to cruise around in the water. Because sometimes Sprout’ll be carrying quest items, having a spot for that when swimming was also important.



I’m definitely going to make some adjustments to the leg motion for swimming. I also worked on some gardening related animations, including planting and some harvesting. Harvesting is broken up into two parts, the first being the idle, in which Sprout waits for player input. And then the “shake” which occurs when the player mashes x to actually get more resources.




In general, I’m not super happy with how the animations turned out this week, so I’m really looking forward to giving a few a these a second pass this weekend.  I really want to revisit the harvesting shake animation and the swim.

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